Hydrogen Skills Core VET Curriculum

We are pleased to share with you our Core VET Curriculum, which is available on our website.

The curriculum is composed of three courses: 

  • Introduction to hydrogen: which was designed for  for non-technical professionals eager to explore the hydrogen economy and value chain.
  •  Hydrogen for technical profiles: conceived for engineering and technical professionals seeking in-depth knowledge of hydrogen technologies.
  • Hydrogen skills for safety and maintenance operators: tailored for technical operators involved in the installation, operation, and maintenance of hydrogen technologies.
The courses, which will be implemented in the near future, explore a wide range of topics, including hydrogen basics, applications, technologies, economics, safety, and regulation. Each course offers a detailed breakdown of modules and learning units, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.  
We’ve conducted an extensive review of existing educational materials to support the development of our hydrogen training courses. Leveraging resources from the European Hydrogen Observatory and other reputable sources, we’ve compiled a database of over 450 training materials covering a wide range of topics related to hydrogen technology.

This strategy offers valuable insights into the current educational and training landscape for hydrogen skills development in Europe. Its findings point to the way forward in preparing our workers for the rapid scale up and deployment of hydrogen technologies.

We are excited about the transformative impact this curriculum will have on the hydrogen industry and the people looking to be a part of it, we are grateful for your continued support in advancing clean energy solutions across Europe.

Green Skills for Hydrogen is a project financed by the European Commission ERASMUS+ programme.


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