Harvesting success: Fruits from the European Hydrogen Week 2023

Green Skills for Hydrogen at the European Hydrogen Week
The European Hydrogen Week proved to be an event of resounding impact for the Green Skills for Hydrogen project, offering a crucial platform to connect with industry experts, share insights, and foster collaboration with key stakeholders.

Our booth at the European Union Projects Pavilion became a dynamic hub for knowledge exchange. Throughout the event, approximately 130 visitors engaged with our team, delving into discussions about the urgency of our hydrogen training programmes and gaining valuable insights into the importance of developing green skills for the evolving hydrogen economy.

The heart of our presence at the European Hydrogen Week was a captivating presentation, underscoring the pivotal role of “Green Skills for Hydrogen” as a blueprint to address the growing skills needs within the hydrogen industry. As we navigate towards a sustainable future, the development of the right skills emerges as a paramount requirement for success. Thus, the European Hydrogen Skills Strategy took centre stage during our presentation.

A noteworthy accomplishment stemming from the European Hydrogen Week was the expansion of our community. Through our communication campaign, we welcomed over 230 new members to the European Hydrogen Skills Community, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that defines our project.

Together with our dynamic Community, we are dedicated to establishing standards for hydrogen training. Our collective aim is to design comprehensive training modules that meet the evolving demands of the hydrogen sector. By uniting diverse perspectives and expertise, we are laying the groundwork for a skilled workforce that will drive innovation and sustainability.

The European Hydrogen Week stands as a milestone for the Green Skills for Hydrogen project, reaffirming our commitment to fostering a skilled workforce and advancing the hydrogen industry. As we reflect on vibrant discussions and collaborations, we eagerly anticipate the continued journey of building a community that shapes the future of hydrogen with expertise and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way for a sustainable and skilled hydrogen economy.

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